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PortMU Season XII

Greatnes awaits you. Join us!


Grand Opening date!

Server will be operational in the next few days!.

So real it hurts!
Season 12 Part 2


//The Quick Links
PortMU Home Page
PortMU Register Page
PortMU Download Page
PortMU Community board!

//Quick Tips
Every New Accounts get bonus WCoins & Level Points

//New S12 Features

-New Character Grow Lancer
-New Map Nixies Lake
-Holyangel Mastery Set
-Darkangel Weapons
-Maze of Dimensions
-Class Improvements
-RUUD Coins
-And many more...

//Server Information
-Season XII Part 2
-Normal Experience: 500x
-Master Experiance: 250x
-Drop: 40%
-Reset Level: 800
-Zen for Reset: 15 000 000 (15 millions)
-Zen for PK Clear: 2 000 000 (2 millions)
-Location: Bulgaria
-Hosted on Dedicated Server

//Server Features
-In-Game Cash Shop (X-Button)
-Dual System & Arena
-Mini Map
-Fully working Season 12 Skill Tree
-Extend your inventory & vault
-Advanced Marry System
-Muun Pet System

//Server Event List
-Acheron Guardian event
-Arca Battle event
-Cry Wolf event
-Castle Siege event
-Medusa Event
-Raklion event
-Kantru event
-Illusion Temple event
-Devil Square
-Blood Castle
-Chaos Castle
-Last Man Stating Event
-Bonus events Event
-TvT Event ( Team VS Team)
And many more